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Multichannel email marketing program

 Develop new email marketing program<
 Improve current email marketing program

Develop new email marketing program

  • Develop new email marketing program
  • Create and facilitate a RFP process to hire email marketing service
  • Build contact calendar for email programs that integrates into existing direct mail or retail marketing plan
  • Determine appropriate email offers and promotions or align with existing direct mail and/or retail marketing plan
  • Aide in email design and messaging keeping consistency with existing marketing and messaging in existing channels
  • Create or aide in creating email segmentation and list selection
  • Create or aide in producing email response analysis

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Improve current email marketing program/a>

  • Review current direct mail programs
  • Reviewing print, paper, and production schedules and cost
  • Review direct mail formats and messaging
  • Review mailing list selection process and sophistication
  • Review direct mail response analysis
  • Create written proposal of all improvements including P&L impact
  • Roll out improvements with internal staff and vendors
  • Create written summary of actual P&L impact 90/180/365 days out

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